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Our Story

Our story is a true story about finding your sanity and place in the world.  Molly is my daughter, Princess Molly Bath is my company, and this is our story…………..


Growing up in New Jersey, I was a good student, and everyone assumed I was going to be a doctor.  I was ok with that.  I couldn’t disappoint everyone, so I worked hard to always meet expectations.  Everything was going to plan until my junior year of college.  My grandfather passed away, and I questioned everything about my life and my life plan.  I ended up putting the medical school dream on the back-burner and getting a good job at a hospital lab.  After a year working there, I decided to prep for medical school entrance exams.  I was back on plan until another major life change occurred.  I met a boy (fast forward: Molly’s Dad), and I became a cliché.  With that going very well for most of a year, I ran into a big decision point in my life.  His career had a huge opportunity to transfer from NY to DC and he wanted me to go with him.  So against advice I would now probably give my own daughter, I left my job, got out of my lease, put the medical school books away and off to DC it was.  DC was a great city and I found an underwhelming job in a lab for a large company for a while. The move was not a mistake.  I was engaged after a year and married at the end of two years and into the house in the suburbs.  After almost another year, a baby girl was on the way and my husband had a very big opportunity in his career again, to Atlanta this time.  With the move coming up to an unknown city and baby on the way, I stopped working and one month after Molly was born, we made the move to Roswell, GA.  As if the move to a city with no family or help, new job for my husband, and baby wasn’t difficult enough, my husband’s father passed away a week after we got to Atlanta.  It was very difficult and I suffered from postpartum depression not knowing what my life was going to be and what my place in the world is anymore.  My only sane and peaceful alone time was a half hour bath with my favorite bath bomb every day.  It was also tough to disappoint all those that had my life mapped out for me.  My family was not very supportive of the moves I made further and further away, and it was very clear that becoming a stay at home mom instead of a surgeon was disappointing.  My husband and I always talked and believed I would do something big when the time and place was right.  I did some research and got back in the lab at home and started making those bath products that gave me the only sanity in my life for a while.  I joked with my husband about creating a business and selling them, and he didn’t think it was a joke at all.  We agreed that it was my time now, and I started something I am proud of and even more importantly, something Molly will be proud of.  All of my products are handmade and of the highest quality.  I’m the founder Lindsey Sisack and this is my story.