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2 Bath Bomb Variety Gift Sets

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This is a two bath bomb gift set.  Each bath bomb is 4.8-5.2 ounces.  Each bomb comes individually sealed in shrink wrap.  This variety pack will allow you to get two different scents.  
Directions:  Drop into bath water, and then relax in the tub.  Be careful exiting the tub as the oils can make surfaces slippery.  Do not ingest or rub directly on your eyes. 
The Scents:
Princess Molly Bomb (PM)-  Feel like a princess while relaxing in a bath surrounded by a feminine fragrance of jasmine, lily and violet with juicy apple and lime.  Our signature bomb will fill your tub with beautiful pink and purple swirls.  This is the perfect bomb for a royally relaxing bath.   The bomb is scented with a fragrance based off of Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things.  The bomb is pink and purple in color. 
Blue Caribbean Bomb (BC)- Escape for a while with a bath scented with a tropical twist of coconut milk and cool vanilla.  Feel like you are on a tropical island with the beautiful blue coloring your bath water.  This bomb is perfect for creating you very own island oasis.  The bomb is blue in color and scented with a Caribbean coconut fragrance. 
Tropical Sunrise Bomb (TS)- Feel like you are sitting on a tropical beach watching a sunrise with this luxurious bomb.  Surround yourself with a fragrance that is a luscious blend of juicy mandarin, white peach and tropical mango. Watch as your bathwater transforms into a beautiful blend of orange and yellow as you let the island fragrance take you away.  The bomb is red/orange and yellow in color and has a tropical fruit fragrance.
 Lavender Bomb - Captivate your soul with this luxurious bath bomb filled with a wonderful scent of garden sage, fresh basil leaves, and soft lavender.  The beautiful purple color of your bath water will help create the atmosphere of relaxation.  Enjoy the ultimate lavender bath experience.  The bomb is a light purple color with lavender buds on the top. 
Georgia Peach Bomb-  Description: Enjoy a bath filled with the scent of a fresh picked Georgia peach.  The bright and fresh orange bomb will make your bath water not only smell like a peach but also look like a peach.  This bomb will leave your skin will feeling amazing and smelling delicious.  The bomb is pink and orange in color, and it smells like fresh picked peaches.
Citrus Splash Bomb (CS)- Description:  Immerse yourself in a luxurious bath filled with a sparkling fragrance blend of bright orange and grapefruit sweetened with cassis, pineapple and vanilla.  Relax as your bath fills with vibrant green and yellow colors.  This is the perfect bomb for a relaxing and refreshing bath.  The bomb is half yellow and half green, and has a delicious citrus scent.

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